UC Berkley introduced a new DLP technology

Posted on: Mon, 02/04/2019 - 14:54 By: Blacksheep

UC Berkley introduced a new 3D printer technology which uses light to transform sirupy liquids into solid objects in only a matter of minutes.

Quote from the article

Most 3D printers, including other light-based techniques, build up 3D objects layer by layer.  This leads to a “stair-step” effect along the edges. They also have difficulties creating flexible objects because bendable materials could deform during the printing process, and supports are required to print objects of certain shapes, like arches.

The new printer relies on a viscous liquid that reacts to form a solid when exposed to a certain threshold of light. Projecting carefully crafted patterns of light — essentially “movies” — onto a rotating cylinder of liquid solidifies the desired shape “all at once.”



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